Architectural Resin Material

How it can be fabricated

Whether cutting, machining, bending or finishing, GAINKER architectural resin sheet is a fabrication-friendly product. It requires few if any tools beyond those normally found in a well-supplied shop environment, and allows for dozens of methods to achieve a finished product.

Thanks to its inherent thermoplastic properties, architectural resin becomes pliable when heated. This permits it to be shaped to virtually any contour, which it holds once cooled. GAINKER architectural resin sheet responds to thermoforming, drape forming and even cold forming when proper methods are utilized.

A variety of tools and methods can be used to cut GAINKER architectural resin sheet, from scoring with a plastic cutter to using table saws, routers or saber saws equipped with commercially-available, plastic-cutting blades. Edges can even be flame polished with a hydrogen-oxygen torch to achieve a glossy finish.

While GAINKER architectural resin sheet can be ordered in nearly any color, it can also be spray painted and decorated using screen-printing and decorative vinyl films. Fastening options include adhesives, screws, bolts and even ultrasonic welding.

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